Total Holistic Care for the Body and Soul
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Director, Tampa Bay Craniofacial Center
Research Professor, University of South Florida
Adjunct Professor of Material Science, University of Florida
An Independent Practice Associate Dedicated to Patient Care, Tampa, Florida
Mutaz B. Habal
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Welcome to Dr. Habal's Web Site. You are invited to browse through the various sections within the site. These sections contain many interesting facts about plastic surgery which will hopefully give the visitor an overview of this branch of medicine. However, this is not a consultation site. It is designed to provide general information that is not applicable for specific clinical conditions or specific care. For that, you need to consult your local M.D. or your primary care provider.

I. What is Plastic Surgery?
II. Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Surgery.
III. Wellness
IV. Maintenance Program (Post Plastic Surgery)

V. Hotlinks to Other Related Sites

As previously stated, Dr. Habal's Web site is designed to give the visitor a general overview of plastic surgery.
Please feel free to communicate with Dr. Habal regarding any problems or further questions you may have at